Green Week Finale – A Taste of Things to Come?


What a fabulous week it was. With so much to see and do we were spoilt for choice just with the cycling related events.

Bristol’s Big Green Week started with a massive boost with us winning European Green Capital 2015, followed soon after by a hugely popular Bristol’s Biggest Bike Ride (in spite of the less than perfect weather) and went out in style with Bristol’s first Make Sunday Special event. There was a great festival atmosphere in Baldwin and Park Streets as the following photos hopefully convey…

What was interesting to see was that with all the festivities going on, Bristol did not grind to a halt. A quick cycle around the loop formed by Clifton Triangle, Jacobs Wells Road, Anchor Road to St James Barton and Marlborough Street to Park Row at around 2pm did see a little in the way of congestion, but nothing worse than an average weekday. Queens Road on the Triangle could be perceived as the possible exception, where two lanes needed to merge into one. As everyone gets used to the Special Sundays this should surely improve as people make adjustments.

Here’s looking forward to the next closure of Baldwin Street on Sunday 21 July when we can get to have another a small taster of Freedom to Ride, to the benefit of the coffee shops, restaurants and other businesses; where we can hope to see some positive investment in our public spaces and all the while the rest of Bristol keeps moving.

Photos by Sam Saunders and Martin Tweddell