Manifesto Promotion

Wednesday 2nd Oct 2013 – 8 till 9am, Cascade Steps, The Centre, St. Augustine’s Parade

Come and join us to spread the word about our Freedom to Ride campaign.

Meet a few minutes before 8 to collect some flyers to hand out, or a placard to wave, and don a yellow T-shirt (as available).

This will be our 4th such promotion. The previous 3 have gone very well, giving out flyers and leaflets to interested people (not just “cyclists”!). We’ve given out between 350 and 500 leaflets each time and had about 25% of those signing up whithin 24 hours.

Idea is to have a few people with placards and flyers along the general routes that people are taking so that as they pass along the line they get to hear and see what Freedom to Ride is and by the end they are wanting to take a flyer/leaflet.

If you have a smartphone with internet access you may even be able to let them sign the petition on the spot. There’s a “QR” code on the flyer to make it easy for them to signup with their own smartphone too!

People are generally very receptive – try to avoid getting into deep discussion/ dispute with people – be “smiley”. There’s benefit to everyone with Freedom to Ride.

Suggested cries:

“Safer Cycling for Bristol”

“More people cycling in Bristol”

“Bristol Cycling Manifesto – it’s simply not fair that people do not feel safe to cycle in Bristol – we’re calling on The Mayor to commit to 5 actions to give everyone the Freedom to Ride”

Good luck!