Neighbourhood Forums

At the Bishopston Neighbourhood Forum on Wed 11 Sep John Richfield revealed his initial plans for the cycling safety scheme along the Gloucester Road corridor. He is looking at creating an alternative quiet route parallel to the Gloucester Road to the east which will be free of rat running motor vehicles. This will be achieved by creating traffic cells which allow access for residents but will prevent through traffic except for bicycles. This would mean implementing a combination of one-way streets with cycle contraflow and blockages that still allow cycle access – based on the concept of ‘filtered permeability’. The blockages will also be used to minimise turning vehicles off and into the Gloucester Road where the majority of collisions involving bicycles have occurred.

The scheme will be implemented on an experimental basis initially over a 6-18 month period, hence some of the measures could be reversed if they prove unpopular with residents (those who have been following RPZ take note). The consultation continues and John can be contacted via email [email protected] if you wish to find out more. We hope to see John with a more developed plan at the next Forum on Tue 10 Dec.

Meanwhile at the Lockleaze and Horlfield Neighbourhood Forum there was a list of key problems of which Number 1 is speeding motorists and Number 4 is pavement cycling. Interestingly enough there is a correlation between the areas where speeding is an issue and pavement cycling. Speeding was made a priority for both the police and the council to address. The northern plan for 20 mph rollout was presented. Details here. It was noted that Romney Avenue and Shaldon Road need to be made 20 (and not 30). The Council are going to reconsider this.