20mph – Keep up the Pressure

How are you finding 20mph? Has cycling utopia arrived on the 20mph streets you ride along? Are you finding motor traffic running slower? Or are you finding the new limits are being completely ignored by everyone? As the 20mph areas are widened out further and if we want to make our streets more pleasant and safe for cycling, we need to make sure 20mph works. One way to ensure this is to volunteer for Community Speedwatch. This is made of small groups armed with a portable speed gun recording the details of any vehicle exceeding the limit. The information is recorded by the police and a warning letter sent out to the offending vehicle owner. Repeat offenders can expect a knock at the door from the police. By recording the volume of speeding vehicles in various locations the police can identify where hot spots exist and focus resources there. To sign up for Community Speedwatch just attend your local Neighbourhood Forum and speak to the police representatives. Dates of your Neighbourhood Forum can be found via the Bristol City Council website. And let us know your experiences by contacting us on [email protected]