A 1000 likes

We’ve just had our thousandth ‘like’ on Facebook and would like to take this opportunity to give a thousand thanks to all our followers for your support and interest, whether you come to us via Facebook, Twitter, the website or directly attend our rides and meetings.

Thanks to Steve Cox for the 1000th ‘like’. (If you’d like to get in touch Steve, I’m sure we can send you some cycling goodies for your efforts!)

We still have a long way in Greater Bristol to go to achieve Dutch standards of cycling provision, but with your help and support we can get there.

Please talk to a friend or a family member to encourage them to get on their bike, or use it more. And better still, please ask them to join us. The more that do, the stronger our voice.

Have a great year of cycling in 2018. The good weather is only around the corner…