A Strategic Cycling Network for Bristol

Hot on the heels of today’s leading article in Bristol Post, they have now been in touch wanting to know about our proposed Bristol Cycling Network that builds on our “Top Tube Map” that deliberately left out some of the detail for simplicity’s sake.

We’ve sent them this initial reply, as they thought that the Council might have been doing this on their own an dthey are going to give us a call in the morning (“if there’s time”). We’ve bene meaning to update you on progress with this activity for a while now, but it’s very stop/start with the Council so had been waiting for the next step so that we new where they were.

We’re actually working together on it. They (Bristol City Council) started during Cycling City (we’re pretty sure that it was us that put it on the Agenda!) with input from campaigners and via bristolstreets website. We’ve just about agreed the major routes almost identical to our Freeways and Quietways. Next stage is to flesh out linking/secondary routes and work with community groups on transport plans including local cycle routes. Then need to assess the routes and identify what they need to bring them up to “Dutch” standards and prioritise routes for development, tied into funding availability – we still financial commitment from mayor/ central gov as per Freedom to Ride.

Our work is being coordinated through an Infrastructure Action Group within the Campaign.

Those who would like to be involved, do get in touch via i[email protected] .Thanks.