Access to Long Ashton and Barrow Hospital development

The old Barrow Hospital site is being redeveloped. There is a real risk that increased traffic will create further problems on the popular cycling route south of Long Ashton. This is also a good opportunity to improve things by opening up a new shared path to link in to Long Ashton.

Car commuting to Bristol is difficult because of peak-time traffic congestion. There is demand for parking in Long Ashton village by commuters from further afield who then cycle into Bristol, overtaking congested traffic. Cycle parking at bus stops will help those commuting by bus/bike to Bristol, or indeed by car/bike if they can find a vacant parking spot nearby.

Some residents of existing and proposed housing at the Barrow Hospital site will wish to commute at peak traffic times and find it a lot quicker by bike than by car or bus. For trips from Long Ashton to Harbourside in Bristol members of BCyC say they allow 35-minutes by car, 45-minutes if walking and 11 minutes by bicycle!

Less experienced cyclists and family groups from Barrow Hospital will be put off by the additional traffic generated in Wild Country Lane and would benefit by an off-road link from the site to the Nailsea-Bristol Festival Way walking and cycling route built in 2012 and operated by North Somerset Council.

Here is a suggested scheme for a shared-path link that would also provide a safe and attractive walking and cycling route to shops and community facilities in Long Ashton.

We have included this scheme in our ‘neighbourhood plan’ for the area North Somerset – Long Ashton, Nailsea, Backwell, Dundry