Airport Road Shared Use Footway


Our overall position on this consultation is: Support
A welcome scheme that will deliver a key section of the Strategic Cycle Network to a good standard for All Ages and Ability (‘Triple A’) cycling.

Space for CyclingDoes this measure provide for 1) Protected space on main roads; 2) Remove through motor traffic; 3) Safe routes to school; 4) Cycle friendly town centres; 5) Cycle routes in green spaces; 6) 20mph speed limits?Green – overall benefit
Road Danger ReductionDoes this measure seek a genuine reduction in danger for all road users by identifying and controlling the principal sources of threat?Amber – overall neutral
Triple A Quality(All Ages and Abilities)Will this measure be attractive to all ages and abilities using all kinds of cycles?Green – overall benefit
Strategic Cycling NetworkHow does this measure contribute to the development of Bristol Council’s planned integrated and coherent strategic cycle network?Green – overall benefit
Cycle-proofingHow far does this measure provide for Triple A Space for Cycling in the future?Green – overall benefit

Bristol Cycling Campaign has the following specific comments on this consultation:

  1. In order to achieve the council’s object of 20% cycling it is essential that every opportunity is taken to improve conditions for cycling where there are changes in road layout for whatever reason, so that people cycling feel safe and welcome. This opportunity is being taken here. The proposals will improve the area for those cycling, and for everyone else.

  2. This is a key section of the Strategic Cycle Network F12 Outer Middle Orbital Cycling Freeway. The proposals go a long way to providing suitable provision for All Ages and Ability (‘Triple A’) cycling on this route.

  3. In general BCyC would expect to see proper Space for Cycling, alongside the walking network, on this important route rather than a shared use track (see our Shared Use Policy). At present levels of walking are not that high and so this might be suitable as an interim measure. Provision should made so that in the future properly grade separated walking and cycling tracks are possible.

  4. The proposed 4m width is satisfactory provided that there is no formal segregation paint used. If used this will make a wide path with room for movement feel narrow and constrained. It may give an illusion of better provision for pedestrians but this is not in fact the case and conflict is likely to be introduced where none is needed (however see point above about shared use). As volumes increase it should be expected that this track will become eastbound only with provision of a southbound track and walkway.

  5. The proposed 2-way cycle track on the north side is welcome but given the widths, volumes and desire lines it is necessary that provision is made for cycling on south side. In the short term this may be shared use but plans should provide for separate cycle and walkways in future. Given width of the carriageway it’s possible that both north and south side tracks should be two way.

  6. As Airport Road is a high volume 30mph carriageway there should be a clear separation strip for the cycleway.

  7. Both pavement and cycleway should have priority at grade over the junction at Salcombe Rd. Set back from junction as at Baldwin Street.

  8. Both pavement and cycleway should have priority at grade over junction at Creswicke Rd. Set back from junction as at Baldwin Street.

  9. Dropped curbs should be provided to allow direct access onto cycleway from minor roads to the south.

  10. Thought needs to be given on how to manage parking and the likely obstructions this may cause.