Annual Cyclenation-CTC conference 2014

Here’s a useful summary report of the Cyclenation/CTC/LCC conference on 22nd November. 

Amongst others : 
  • The DfT presentation was positive, comments on the Cycling Delivery Plan may be made up to 27th Nov, deadline extended.
  • Birmingham (!) is aiming for a ‘cycling revolution’.
  • Bristol is implementing some good work – John Richfield showed 30 years of progress.
  • An astonishingly positive presentation from “Chris Kenyon, co-founder of CyclingWorks, explained how their campaign has demonstrated a huge amount of business support for the proposed North-South and East-West cycle superhighways in London during his inspiring presentation
  • Waltham Forest’s “mini Holland” is moving ahead
  • Phil Jones explained that “every highway scheme is a cycling scheme”: Welsh active travel act
  • Brian Deegan, Principal Technical Planner at Transport for London, talked about the new London Cycling Design Standards
  • John Dales, Director at Urban Movement, talked about the long-awaited International Cycling Best Practice Study: “Protected infra; Quiet streets; Traffic-free routes” and no gaps in provision amongst the lessons.
  • Martin Lucas-Smith of Cambridge Cycling Campaign argued “we must avoid idea of confident and non confident cyclists. Must work for everyone. We don’t have roads for non confident drivers”.
  • Lucy Saunders, Public Health at GLA/TfL, explained the new Local Authority health duties.
  • Kevin Hickman and Rachel Aldred discussed Inclusive Cycling policy.
  • Roger Geffen talked about Space4Cycling.