Another section of Railway Path closed

[NEWSFLASH: “Alternative routes will be posted whilst maintenance work is carried out between Bitton & Saltford”]

SouthGloucestershire Council are going to close another large section of the Bristol Bath Railway Path for an extended period. Although this time there are clear benefits to cycling from the resurfacing between Saltford and Bitton Station, the announcement couldn’t have come at a worse time after the October closure of the path by the Teewell Hill bridge which is still not open.

We will be writing to the Council expressing our dismay at their repeated failure to recognise the importance of the Railway Path for cycling. We welcome the planned improvements, but it is inconceivable that work closing a major commuting road would have no arrangements for acceptable diversions and that ‘motorists will need to find their own way around the works’

Here is the announcement from South Gloucester Council:

We now have confirmed details of the forthcoming Railway path closure.

Between the 26th May and 19th June 2015  the Bristol / Bath Cycle path will be temporarily closed to undertake resurfacing works.

The proposed closure will be from the old railway station at Bitton southwards towards the boundary with BANES (you will need to leave/join the railway path at Saltford). Unfortunately there  is no formal diversion route to follow, so cyclists will need to find their own way between Saltford and Bitton Station.

Advance warning signs with the dates of the closure will be erected on site approximately 1 month prior to the commencement of the works.

The surface of the existing cycle path is deteriorating quite badly in places. The proposed resurfacing will provide a nice smooth surface to cycle on and also reduce the requirement for regular maintenance.

Thanks to those attending the last cycle forum meeting [including BCyC], who fed back the importance of keeping the path open over the Bank Holiday weekend, you will note that this has been accounted for, as the closure will commence the day after Bank Holiday Monday.