BCyC Planning Framework – status update for AGM 30th April 2014

Each year after our AGM our newly elected committee reviews our Constitution and develops a plan for the coming year. We report against that plan at the following AGM. In future we plan to provide more frequent updates through our website, but in any case, members are free to enquire about progress at any time and to attend committee meetings.

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Comments and feedback always welcome.

Martin McDonnell
Secretary, Bristol Cycling Campaign

[email protected]


WORKING STATEMENT                


We see a future where Bristol and the surrounding areas are alive with people on bicycles, because cycling is so easy that everyone does it. Our communities will be happier, healthier, greener and more civilised.                                    

We will work to create a vibrant and inclusive cycling culture by challenging and transforming the status quo. We will inspire and empower people who share our vision, press for enhanced investment on cycling and be a strong voice for everyone who wants to cycle.     



A) We will Set the Agenda through our vision, plans and campaigns

Target / Campaign



Status – April 30th 2014



Bristol Cycling Manifesto


Specify the Strategic Cycling Network and how to deliver it

Continue signing up work. Council debate motion. Lobby councillors. Integrate with Green Capital 2015 plans. Link with Space4Cycling

4028 signatures. Council debate set for July with Mayoral support. Working with national SpaceForCycling.

Achieve target of 3500; Full BCC council debate; Adoption by Mayor; Work with BANES, NS & SG. Promote air quality issues.


Local Cycling Plans



Develop Local Cycling Plans for each Neighbourhood Partnership/Forum. To include schools, retail centres and workplaces. Include 20mph plan.

Create online maps. Template related to Manifesto with local map. Website page with local contact. Planning workshop for local network. Promote to NP, councillors and media

Initial contacts made with several local community groups and initial plans underway.

Adopted plans for Central area plus 3 other NPs


Route Reviews

Produce a plan and briefing for all Freeways and Quietways

Define criteria. Initial issues list/diagram. Ride to review. Outline solution. Template for briefing placing in context of Manifesto

Bristol City Council have adopted our network and developing jointly.

Briefing paper on website. Publicity. Indicative plan and costs


Local Cycling Priorities – Stop Pinching Bikes

Identify 1 key problem issues in each ward of a Neighbourhood Partnership area and get them on local plan

Review Local Plan for the five issues. They should be achievable in short term. Submit to council. Press coverage

Initially driven by priorities from Cycling Network. Future fit with SpaceForCycling.

BCyC voice at local level.


Design Guidelines – Quality Assurance

Quick and simple audit tool to help assess schemes before and after. Take account of HEAT assessment. Guidelines for design.

Define BCyC Design Principles. Template for evaluation and audit of schemes. Trial on a couple of areas. Make use of Cyclescape to track. Publicise to members and officers.

Collaborating with Bristol City Council on Design Guide. Trialling Cyclescape – needs development.

Clarity about what we support and why. Better quality of responses to consultations


TLC work – pothole reporting

Early reporting of problems. Positive reporting of fixes

Use Cycling City Rangers model using Fill That Hole. Link with the Cycling Network and priority roads as defined with BCC. TLC rides to help.

Individuals continue to report via FillthatHole etc.

Positive profile for BCyC. Involvement of more activists.




B) We will Influence through partnerships, networking, representation and lobbying

Target / Campaign



Status – April 30th 2014



Council Officers & Mayor


Set up regular meetings with transport officers of Councils.  Work through Bike Forums.             

Use Forums to hold councils, police and others to account. Organise two meeting with Mayor. Bi-monthly meetings with transport officers

Influenced Forum resulting in Transport Leads attendance. Mayor mtg requested. Ad hoc meetings with Transport Officers.

Better relationship, early notice of proposals, chance to influence


Councillors and Local Leaders

Engage local opinion formers. Establish backing for local plans. Engage with local elections

Organise rides and/or walks starting covering NP areas. Get their backing for one improvement in their ward.

Links with Local Cycling Plans (Above) and SpaceforCycling in future.

Aim for four NPs to link with Local Cycling Plans


Local Consultations

Regular high quality responses to planning consultations  

Template response (convenient, accessible, safe, comfortable, attractive); Local contacts to screen / co-ord. Use  Cyclescape

Lack of resources – unable to establish process as yet, but have responded to all relevant consultations.

Group managing responses to every consultation for a local voice.     


Major Consultations


Engage with large scale schemes to ensure there is a benefit for cycling

Maintain list of schemes with status and lead contact. Have a web page and briefing sheet on each scheme. Establish a template response drawing on Manifesto. BRT, MetroWest, South Bristol Link, Resident Parking, 20mph Areas. Keep members informed and involved.

Initial list published July 2013.

Increase provision and awareness of cycling in schemes. Influence outcome of future plans. Raise profile of BCyC         


Workshops and Conferences

Host events to move forward

Host the Cycling Summit 2014. Prepare for 2015 and Euro Green Capital. Make a bid for Velo-city 2017 (by Aug 2014)

Plans for 2014 underway.

Reputation of BCyC. Networking with delegates



Work with police, PCC & councils on Road Danger Reduction

Compile case studies. Host an enforcement meeting, include  taxi, buses. Produce action plan.

Excellent progress and support from Chief Constable. Action Plan being progressed.

Meeting with police


Study Tour

Visit to Holland or other UK cities with Officers

Open to BCyC members but to include officers.

Planning in place for September 2014.

Visit done


Set up the Bristol Cycling Alliance

Partnership for a more unified voice for cycling in Bristol

Develop idea. Call meeting to discuss with key players.

Initial conversations held with other groups.

Decide whether to set up




C) We will Communicate and educate to ensure our voice is heard

Target / Campaign



Status – April 30th 2014



Comms Group


Set up a rapid response group who will respond to BEP, TV, blogs and mobilise member responses           

Library of Quick Quotes

Media Training

Press Officer (University student?)

Media Contacts list. Maintain social media activity

Media training being investigated. Contact with UWE Students – no response.

Group meeting regularly.

Raise profile of BCyC. Promote our agenda. Increase membership


Making News

Aim to issue at least one press release a month on a topical story.

Press release

Media contact list

Process not yet established. Operating on ad hoc basis. Media picking up via Twitter and website.




Be present and visible at events. Recruit members

Have a forward diary. Have a stall with banners and information. Team to attend. Presence at: Bike Festival, Brisfest, Green Week, Harbour Festival, BBBR, Festival of Nature, Tour de F, Rideable Bristol 2014

Carried forward.

Profile and membership


Briefing sheets, Policy Statements  and Membership recruitment information

Need to have something to hand out at events and in outlets such as bike shops

Have a longer lived document than the newsletter, including rides and diary. Draw up list of issues to cover. Produce Briefing and Policy Sheets on key issues

Struggling with resources. eNews done ad hoc.

Profile and membership



D) We will Organise so we are able to achieve our aims.

Target / Campaign



Status – April 30th 2014




Membership Review

Change basis of managing member to online through website. Include Affiliation scheme for BUGs and organisations

Review benefits including discounts and insurance; Consider role of magazine and leaflets; Review communications (Facebook, Twitter, e-news, Yahoo/email groups)

Review group setup and initial recommendations being established.

New membership model with admin systems. Income plan


Working Groups

Infrastructure (INF)

Rides/Social (SOC)

Campaigns (& rapid response) (CAM)

Comms (COM)

Committee (CTY)

Have a forum/email list for each group. Someone to co-ordinate meetings and actions. Each group report back to Committee.


More active across different areas. More effective. Involve more people.




Key BCyC contact for each NP. A local campaign identity in every area  

Publish list of NPs in magazine along with rep. Set up email for each NP. Ask membership for their NP priorities.

Page on website for each area

Regular participation in several NPs.

Local involvement. Campaigning issues in every area. Raise profile of BCyC





Raise profile of BCyC and get more people cycling: Rides; Bike Trains; Cycle Festival; Get Gorge-ous

Programme of regular (weekly) rides; Organise ride leaders; Promote programme. Share rides with other organisations. Distribution network to promote to shops, cafes and information points. Participate or organiser, as resources allow.           

All rides “methods” completed and in regular use.

Social side getting going.

Social activity to complement campaigning. More involved membership with increased awareness of cycling throughout city and area. Deliver positive activities to help more people cycle. Tell members and press what we’ve done               


Mini-Campaigns – Rapid Responses

Capacity to mobilise quick responses to current issues and opportunities in order to raise profile

Driven by communications and organisational work

Carry forward.

Profile and social team


Develop links

Living Heart, CTC, Stop BRT2, Living Streets, Sustrans, Lifecycle, Civic Society, FoE, Transition, BUGs, Universities, Public Health (SHINE)

Maintain a list with key contacts and BCyC link

Organised shared events

Much networking and co-working under way but mainly on informal/ ad hoc basis.

Influence shared areas of interest.

Wider network for actions and communications




[Only used in reviewing last year and planning next]


A) Set Agenda

B) Influence

C) Communicate

D) Organisation

Inclusive Cycling