BCyC Ride Leaders get Life Cycle UK training

A range of novice and experienced Ride Leaders turned up on Sunday morning, March 8th 2015, at Roll for the Soul, which had been specially opened for us by their General Manager, Rob Wall, keen to hear the comprehensive briefing from Life Cycle UK of just what leading a ride entails. After an entertaining ‘introductions’ session our trainer Veronica took us through the theories of ride leadership in the morning, skilfully enabling us to really think about the preparation necessary before a ride as well as the various roles of the ride leader during the event.

Having stopped for a tasty lunch, courtesy of RFTS, and marking the end of the classroom-based training, we were joined by Veronica’s colleague Polly, and then looked at the different checks required to ensure that a bike was roadworthy before starting out on a ride. We then split the group in the afternoon for the practical on-street training on manoeuvres, junctions, shepherding and many other aspects of managing a group of cyclists in various scenarios. During this we learned new ways of ensuring the safety of all types of riders through traffic in addition to some updated personal riding strategies.

This was a really stimulating and sometimes challenging day which presented us with new ideas about both leading and riding and generally provoked lively discussions in our small groups.

A big ‘Thank You’ to our trainers Veronica and Polly, and also to Chris and Penny who helped to arrange the day for everyone.

Commenting on the Training Day, Penny Partridge from the Social and Rides Group said;
“I thought the course was well structured and very useful. I enjoyed the day and look forward to working with other participants on rides for Bristol Cycling Campaign in the near future.”