BCyC team inspired by 2016 Cyclenation Conference – Report

Bristol Cycling Campaign sent one of the largest contingents to join advocates and campaigners from around the country at the 2016 Cyclenation Conference, hosted by St Albans Cycling Campaign. An excellent line up of speakers and workshops gave loads of information and inspiration that sent us back energised and inspired. This included Living Streets, Roadpeace, Cycling UK, British Cycling, Transport for London (TfL), Cycling Embassy of Great Britain, London Cycling Campaign. Read the ‘Storify’ below to get a feel for what was covered.

  • Dr Alex Longdon, TfL Cycling Strategy “Cycling is really, REALLY great for the economy”
  • Dr Rachel Aldred, the Propensity to Cycle Tool that helps reveal where the potential is  http://pct.bike
  • Joe Irvin, Living Streets “What’s good for cycling is nealy always good for walking as well”
  • Clare Rogers, LCC Enfield on the mini-holland approach to through traffic  “This is not a bike conversation this is a people conversation”
  • Lucy Saunders, TfL Healthy Streets “We need to make our street environments & transport people-friendly”
  • Mark Treasure, Cycling Embassy of Great Britain “Sustainable Safety approach should inform cycle campaigning”
  • Martin Key, British Cycling “We need changes to Highway Code & Road Traffic Act, to give priority to cyclists & peds going straight on across junctions”
  • Amy Aeron-Thomas, Roadpeace “Our new campaign will be to improve collision investigation” using  BCyC Road Justice work as example of best practice.
  • Duncan Dollimore, Cycling UK Road Justice
  • Prof Martin Williams, King’s College Air Quality
  • Adam Reynolds, CycleBath “A Network Quality Map can really get things moving for campaigning. Here’s how to do it”
  • Brian Deagan, TfL London Design Standards “We’ve solved left hooks in London” (so exciting to truly excellent UK infrastructure)
  • Roger Geffen, Cycling UK, and Phil Jones, “Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs) will provide a single framework to drive walking & cycling”.