Bike Security

– Register your bike with free of charge on the police approved or All forces check recovered bikes against these databases.

– Insure your bike with your home contents – but check for special conditions

– Replace quick release levers with security skewers – more difficult to remove

– Use a good quality D-lock with a straight key – only use cables to supplement

– Lock your bike in a well lit and busy area – vary where you lock it

– Check what you are locking to is secure and hasn’t been tampered with

– Lock the wheels and the frame – make it difficult for them

– Keep your lock off the ground – otherwise it will give purchase to hammering and cutting tools

– Face the keyhole to the ground – making it more difficult to pick

If your bike is unfortunately stolen then it’s worth reporting it on the Stolen Bikes site which has some good advice too. Also check with the list of reputable bike shops in Bristol selling second hand bikes.  It would be worth contacting them with details of your bike so they can keep an eye out should someone try to sell it to them.  It’s also worth doing a trawl of e-bay and gumtree to see if it pops up there.

Avon & Somerset Police have a page with good deal of information on keeping your bike secure.