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Bristol Bugbears – report things that can be improved

The new Bristol City Council Bugbears site is going to be very useful. There is funding to make small improvements to cycling and walking facilities around the city. As the council says “Fixing small things can make a big difference – bugbears are the small irritating things that hinder your cycling and walking through Bristol. It could be roads that could be made safer, missing signage, overgrown paths, uneven surfaces, obstacles or potholes.”

This is not for defects or larger projects (like proper Space for Cycling routes).

The main challenge to making this a useful tool is how to distill and prioritise the very large number of issues being posted. A second issue is that this site is only for Bristol Council. There is no equivalent for South Gloucestershire or the other councils in the area.

We’ve added this to our list of useful resources for local actions.

Our current funding does not include bigger projects like new pathways, but if you mention these we’ll gather them for future bids.

Please note that the Bristol Bugbears website is not monitored for defects in the highway. If you are reporting a street or road defect (e.g. a pothole/poor road surface) please add it directly to the Bristol City Council Street and Road Problem Report Form.

Source: Commonplace for Bristol Bugbears


  1. Aileen Brown

    Cutting back the vegetation 100m either side of all the intersections onto cyclepaths (particularly the Bristol-Bath path) would significantly improve visibility & reduce accidents. Clearing vegetation on shared pavements also increases their width so riders & walkers can pass each other safely.

  2. Aileen Brown

    I have reported many potholes & trenches in roads which are dangerous for cyclists but have been told that as they are not 4cm deep, they don’t qualify as potholes. How many accidents are needed to demonstrate the consequences of this error of this short sighted judgement? Perhaps people who ride bikes could make the decision.

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