Bristol Cycle Forum on 15th Feb 2018

The first Bristol Cycle Forum of the year is taking place on Thursday 15 February 6pm-8pm at City Hall. Just ask at reception for room details. The Forum lets us hear directly from council leaders and officers about what’s going on.


  1. Introductions
  2. Meeting Minutes and Actions
  3. Chair/Vice Election
  4. Terms of Reference Review, BCC Review of forum
  5. Council Infrastructure Updates – James Coleman / Tom Southerby

Here are the minutes from the December 2017 Forum: Bristol Cycle Forum Minutes – 14 Dec 17

The ‘terms of reference’ (ToR) of the Forum are one of the items for discussion. They’ve not been reviewed since 2012 so it’s good to see these proposed revisions. Cycle Forum – Terms of Reference 2018 DRAFT

Dates 2018 (please note change of months)

  • Thursday 17 May
  • Thursday 16 August
  • Thursday 15 November

If you’re wondering what the purpose of the Cycle Forum is, the ToR give a fairly good summary. The challenge is how best to achieve that purpose of course.

1. Purpose

  • Provide a mechanism for open engagement on urban transport infrastructure issues between local community groups, interested professional bodies and Council Departments.
  • Pre-view, review and monitor progress of current and future city projects related to cycling.
  • To conduct an informal Scrutiny/Audit role in relation to transport planning policy/schemes in the city.
  • Contribute to and comment on policy development and influence other civic leaders to inform local transport planning.
  • Promote greater understanding of the values of cycling to stay up to date with current thinking, policy and research.
  • Provide a communications network to raise the profile of cycling – in all its forms – with stakeholders across the city
  • Identify ways in which all groups with a stake in cycling can work together to make cycling safer, viable and sustainable for the city.

2. Membership

  • A Chairperson and co/vice chairperson – Cycle Forum representative
  • All road users are welcome
  • Elected Members from Bristol City Council
  • Cabinet members with responsibility for Transport, Environment and Health should attend periodically and/or when relevant
  • Council Officers with remits pertaining to Transport, Environment and Health.
  • Campaigning Groups
  • Invitees to the Meeting e.g. Public Transport Companies, Emergency Services, other councils, etc.

3. Meetings

  • Agenda to be formulated by Cycle Forum Chairperson with the help of BCC – allowing prior notice to cycle forum members to input agenda items
  • Meetings will be held in public in a council provided venue.
  • The Forum will meet 4 times a year.
  • Extraordinary meetings may be called by the chair.
  • A record of actions, messages and attendance, will be kept and, except for good cause, made public. This will be the responsibility of Bristol City Council.
  • Voting, where necessary, shall be by simple majority of those attending the forum.
  • Minutes of the meeting should be distributed to all elected members of the Council and made public on Bristol City Councils website
  • Terms of reference can be amendments as and when necessary.