Bristol Cycle Forum – Thursday 16th May

Bristol is starting to get on (and off) the road again with cycling. It’s the Cycle Forum on Thursday 16th and as well as looking at what has been bid for under the Cycling Ambition Fund (see earlier News article) we’re expecting some real news about Bristol Cycling Strategy and something that the Campaign has been planning for a while now – how to get local communities involved!


We will also be making the point for FAR BETTER communication between the over-stretched Council Officers and Cycling Stakeholders – e.g. no announcement or detailed information about the Ambition Bid  – or the new Bristol Cycling Maps (update coming soon) – priority has to be given to Cycling within Bristol City Council if it is to reduce congestion, improve air quality, reduce the Health budget and turn Bristol into the kind of City that we voted our Mayor to complete.

So come on down to City Hall – 5:30 for 6pm this Thursday and get involved in making Bristol the cycling-friendliest place in England (and beyond!).