Bristol Cycling Manifesto

Bristol Cycling Campaign is working on a Cycling Manifesto for Greater Bristol [Final version is here]. It will be officially launched in our Spring Magazine but we’re publishing this draft version so you can help us improve it. We also want you to help plan how to make it work for us all.

At four pages it’s concise, inspirational and easy to understand. We want this to be a huge call to action to all our communities, schools, businesses, local authorities, and for the Bristol Mayor.

The Cycling Manifesto distills the learning from leading European cities, from the Cycling England Demonstration Towns, and from the Greater Bristol Cycling City programme. There is a set of guiding Principles and 10 “Pillars” to the strategy covering every area that needs action.

The Manifesto and Strategy will provide a framework for all our future solutions and campaigns. For example we will shortly be launching a campaign for the ‘Inner Ring’, a segregated route around the traffic-free centre that we’re demanding through Living Heart for Bristol. Download a copy, then discuss the issues and make suggestions through Facebook, Yahoo Group or Twitter.