Bristol Cycling present Prince St Bridge petition to City Council

Today Bristol Cycling presented the petition, signed by 585 individuals, calling on Bristol Council to make Prince St. Bridge a walking and cycling bridge.

Given just a minute to speak, we highlighted the benefits of cycling and walking in the city and the need to escape the congestion and air pollution caused by motor traffic. We look forward to the Council’s formal written reply.

During the same meeting several other members of the public also spoke and presented petitions on other issues from around the city. Interestingly a common theme connected them all. Every single one mentioned the need to improve the city environment for the benefit of people: to help people get around, to exercise, and to escape congestion & air pollution.

It should be clear to the Council the importance of taking urgent action and how much of a difference supporting walking and cycling can make to the people of Bristol – right now.

Cycling is great for Bristol. Let’s make Bristol great for cycling. If you’d like to support Bristol Cycling you can join us here.