Bristol Post promoting cycling! Whatever next?

Cycling has made the front page of the Bristol Post today – and in a good way!

Louis Emmanuel has the lead article “Bristol needs to make more space for cyclists” following a interview with Jon Usher. Largely drawing on the work of the Campaign, the article says that “a lot of routes are still too dangerous” and refers to “pinch points” and infrastructure lagging behind the “explosion” of cyclists in the City. Our Freedom to Ride campaign goes beyond this – the explosion can’t continue unlesss suitable and safe infrastructure is provided – many people will still not cycle out of fear for their personal safety and those that do may end up being slaughtered and the direct culprits not brought to justice whilst the Council may rightly be guilty of negligence for not providing safe cycling facilities. If everyone signs our Petititon it will give The Mayor and Councillors the support that they need to get cycling at the top of the Agenda, especially given the £90m budget shortfall – they must know that cycling gives a far higher return on investment than other transport schemes?!