A Modest Proposal #2: Bristol Promenades Routes

We’ve been given agreement to share with you some plans that we have been helping with for Promenade Routes in Bristol.

These are a set of proposals by John Grimshaw to enhance all of Bristol’s waterside quays, towpaths and walkways to create popular promenades to further promote walking and cycling in the area.

Bristol’s riversides and docks have long been a popular place to cycle because they are attractive, central and flat. This  project aims to draw them all together to make a real resource for the City, for both pedestrians and cyclists – all promenaders.

There are numerous areas where enhancement could be introduced and problems resolved. These are often matters which the public currently just cope with, but nonetheless are deterrents to easy and popular use. There are rough cobbled surfaces which are difficult to walk on, missing sections of route, busy roads to cross and sections which are of inadequate width.

The South Gloucester parts of the route are partly in train and partly up for planning permission so please give your support.

Feeder road routes have recently received funding.

Redcliffe routes have a Local Sustainable Transport Fund allocation.

Temple Meads area will be sorted out as part of the Local Enterprise Zone.

Avon New Cut it is hoped will be funded by a Cycle City Ambition Grant.

Other areas will be picked up as and when funding stream can be identified – but the plans are gathering momentum and this acts as a good stake in the ground to protect these alignments against future developments.

All to be done to Dutch standards, we trust!

Can Bristol really become THE Cycling City?