Bristol Road Justice meets with Avon & Somerset Police: February 2022

We’ve had a constructive meeting with Avon & Somerset Roads Policing Team (A&SP) to discuss reducing the dangers to cyclists on Bristol’s roads.
The main items discussed were:

Bike Cameras

  • We may put in for a grant from A&SP to buy some bike cameras so that members of BCyC can try before you buy
  • The police are going to give us figures for 2021 for camera submissions of bad driving.
  • Apparently total numbers have doubled. And if the reaction to a news item – concerning the regular reporting activities of one of Bristol Road Justice’s members – is anything to go by, this has caused consternation among angry car drivers

Close Passing Posters

  • Bristol Council blocked our attempts to put these up around town in dangerous locations. The police will talk to them about other possible initiatives

Cycling Injury Incidents in Bristol

  • Our research shows that 2020 (the last year for which figures are available) saw a large drop in the number of cycling casualties in Bristol: 318 incidents down to 173. This was mainly because fewer motorists were on the roads – they were the cause of over 80% of the incidents
  • Worryingly, in 27% of incidents caused by motorists, the driver failed to stop

Police Enforcement Statistics for 2021

  • The overall number of motoring offences dealt with by A&SP last year was down by 20%. Last year was not typical for numbers of vehicles on the roads and A&SP’s figures are better than those of most forces round the country
  • They are hoping changes to the law on mobile phone use while driving will make it easier for them to prosecute and they will be taking part in a national initiative to tackle the issue
  • A&SP are hoping to expand their road safety team in 2022 using funds recovered from the successful prosecution of dangerous drivers
  • They are keen to encourage the submission of camera footage by cyclists but need evidence as to the number plate of offenders and the time and date of the incident
  • We pressed them to promote the recent changes to the Highway Code

…and if you are involved in an incident on the road
There’s a page of information of What to do if you are involved in a road traffic collision while cycling. Bristol Road Justice is always interested in hearing about your experience with the Police, good and bad. Bristol Road Justice is happy to support and informally advise fellow cyclists and, if necessary, make representations to the Police on their behalf. Please contact us at [email protected]