Bunker Bikes and their new home at Temple Meads Bicycles

One of the more unusual outlets listed on our list of bike shops is Bunker Bikes. Situated at the end of the Chocolate path and just before the Create Centre many Bristol cyclists will have seen the mass of interesting pre-loved bikes being carefully restored and made roadworthy at affordable prices. Harvey and his team can also fix just about anything that’s wrong with your bike.

The construction of Metrobus and closure of Ashton Avenue Bridge for a year (a year!) will have a major impact on their business. During earlier stage of Metrobus consultation we were told that the bridge would be kept open for cycles as much as possible but now there’s a fairly grim diversion over Brunel Way. As Harvey says “To think that this is such a popular route and part of the National Cycle Route – quite shocking – I can’t help but wonder how long it took to build from new all those years ago.”

Harvey goes on to say “I am fearful that the numbers of cyclists will decrease massively during these 12 months. Plus the devastation to a beautiful and much enjoyed area has greatly depressed me. As a result we have opened up another workshop at Temple Meads. If nothing else I need to earn a living. However I have teamed up with a very able mechanic since for years now I have aimed at keeping cycling safe and affordable – hence Bunker Bikes. The current plan under development is to run both places when the Temple Meads spot is a little more established. Our aim is to develop affordable cargo bikes. Therefore we hope to keep both spots running even if passing trade on Smeaton Road drops. I have always believed that there should be a similar sort of logistical set up for bikes as there is cars. You know, places to get repairs, servicing and parts in the same way as it is possible for cars – i.e. out on route other than just in town centres.”

You can find Bunker Bikes at their Temple Meads shed here Templemeadsbicycles.co.uk. They are are through the Arch and along the back lane parallel with the outdoor Car park under the Passenger Shed