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Callowhill Court proposal rejected

On Tuesday 6 September, the Council rejected the car park plans in this proposed redevelopment of one corner of Broadmead.

Charlie Bolton, Green councillor for Southville, who led the petition opposing the development said

“This was as a result of our expressed concerns about air quality, increased congestion and access to the car park through Brunswick Square. The developers have been asked to go back to the drawing board and reconsider their proposals for the area to take these concerns into account.

“In the more technical terms of national planning guidance the proposed development did not meet BCS2 as priority was not being given to pedestrians, cyclists and buses over cars, it didn’t meet DM23 as the effect of the 40 changes of traffic lights per hour along Bond Street would cause unacceptable traffic conditions and it didn’t meet BCS22, protection of heritage assets, due to the effect on Brunswick Square Conservation Area.”

This comes as a relief to us after our own opposition to the plans.


  1. Eric Booth

    These plans were not in fact rejected. The project is too big and important for that (!) Indeed there was “outline approval” by the Council on 6th Sept, but a formal decision was deferred pending a more “sensitive solution” to the car park and a proper air quality assessment.

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