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Lower speeds on roads where people live, walk and shop benefit everyone, particularly the old and young. People also feel less intimidated about cycling, and our car journey times are barely affected. The encouragement this gives people to choose active travel has enormous consequences for improved health, well being and air quality for everyone in Bristol. 20mph limits were one of our founding campaign objectives in 1991. We celebrate that this has largely been achieved, and is now a foundation for the next step of Liveable Neighbourhoods for Bristol

We strongly support the city-wide 20mph areas and want these extended to every residential street in the Greater Bristol. We support a ‘Total Twenty’ approach where higher speeds limits are an exception, and only where there is protected Space for Cycling. There is an excellent website with all the evidence at Bristol’s Better at 20.

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  • Cotham Hill pedestrianisation consultation - back 'Option A'

    Cotham Hill pedestrianisation consultation - back 'Option A'

    Fantastic to see the Cotham Hill pedestrianisation consultation is out. This includes not only more space for traders, pedestrians and disabled parking bays but also separated cycle lanes on the southern section and a School Street on Aberdeen Rd! Please respond and back 'Option A', the most ambitious option. Below is a survey asking local people to think about three possible options for a permanent scheme. The overall the aim of any scheme will be

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  • The Summer of Cycling and Walking

    The Summer of Cycling and Walking

    Friday 30th July was a bumper day for announcements and publications from the Department for Transport relating to cycling, to kick of its 'Summer of Cycling and Walking' campaign. In this article we attempt to simplify each one for you, and understand how they are relevant to us here in Bristol. £338 million package to further fuel active travel boom The active travel boom seen throughout the pandemic will continue to thrive thanks to a

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  • Our challenges for the new Cabinet Member for Transport in Bristol

    Our challenges for the new Cabinet Member for Transport in Bristol

    This article was first published on Congratulations to Don Alexander, who has just taken on the role of Cabinet Member for Transport. This is an important position given the impact our city’s transport challenges have on the lives of residents across the city. Getting the balance right between giving hope and managing expectations will be a key challenge as we start an important period for cycling. We take a look at Don’s ‘in-tray’ and

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  • Why Bristol needs more bike hangars

    Why Bristol needs more bike hangars

    Bike hangars are a great way to provide secure bike storage but with only 15 in Bristol, there’s a long way to go to meet the growing demand. Rachel Dickinson explores the problem, and what Bristol Cycling Campaign wants to change. How can we encourage more people to travel by bike in Bristol? One way is to address the lack of secure bike storage. Many people that would like to get a bike just don’t

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  • Please respond to the Mina Road Consultation

    Please respond to the Mina Road Consultation

    The Council's consultation on improvements to Mina Road, St Werburghs is still open. Do make sure you contribute. It closes on the 14th - so hurry… There are several questions about the 600-metre cycleway protection installed last year on one section of Concorde Way (Mina Road). This has been a real step forward in safety for cyclists, but there is some local opposition to it, to the extent that people want it removed. Make sure your

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  • Bristol Cycling Campaign calls for 1,000 bike hangars

    Bristol Cycling Campaign calls for 1,000 bike hangars

    We have published a report proposing that Bristol City Council should install 1,000 bike hangars by May 2024. Bike hangars are lockable steel pods for up to six bikes and provide secure, on-street bike-parking for people who don’t have any outside space to store a bike at home. The report finds that Bristol currently only has 15 bike hangars but that local survey data show that demand for residential bike-parking spaces is likely to be

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  • Update 02/21: Cycle hangers, Liveable Neighbourhoods, elections

    Update 02/21: Cycle hangers, Liveable Neighbourhoods, elections

    Campaigning and discussion about Liveable Neighbourhoods is happening across the city, mainly through the network of local Facebook groups. As well as discussion about specific streets there are some great ideas such as love heart messages about your neighbourhood. You can find out about the one covering your area from the website All BCyC supporters are encouraged to get involved as this is one of the most promising initiatives for enabling cycling. A good

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  • All the consultations!

    All the consultations!

    Bristol City Council currently has four consultations open for street interventions across the city, which could lead to improved environments for people walking and cycling in those areas. We've written a detailed response for five consultations already which you can view here: ATF Consultation Response Jan 2021 - Bristol Cycling This covers the following areas: Cotham Hill, Cotham Princess Victoria Street, Clifton St Marks Road, Easton Rosemary Lane, Eastville Picton Street, Montpelier We've also responded to

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