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Cycle Shops and related services

Here is our list of cycle shops, mobile mechanics and cycling related services, such as cycle fitting, in the Bristol area. Many of these businesses offer discounts to our members. Here’s how to join.

The list is not comprehensive and it might be useful to add other service eg cycle training, workshops, couriers – if you know of any other businessses that it would be useful to add please let us know.

We cannot offer guidance on the quality of any of these businesses and accept no liability should you have any problems with them.

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Reporting illegal and obstructive car parking

There was a real spate of this following new cycle routes in the centre when car (and lorry) drivers treated it as parking. What worked there was repeated reporting of each vehicle to Bristol Council parking services using the online form at https://www.bristol.gov.uk/parking/parking-service-contact-form. Twitter can also be very successful, if you have an account and particularly where there is a photo. Include a poke at @bristolcouncil (and us as well @bristolcycling).

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New council site to propose or support a street improvement

It’s good to see a new tool from Bristol Council for proposing street improvements for cycling (and other modes). This is similar to the innovative Bristol Bugbears site which was only open from April to October 2016. The site appears to have been preloaded with ‘pre 2018’ issues, probably from the ‘Tracker’ section of the Traffic Choices website. That however remains a very useful site with examples and costs of the kinds of measures that can be used. The site is focussed on specific issues rather than routes or area improvements. For that we still consider our…

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What to do if your bike is stolen

Few things make your blood boil more than when someone nicks your bike. What’s more it can take away some of the joy and happiness that’s a part of cycling, with 1 in 4 reducing the amount they cycle following their bike being stolen, and a whopping 1 in 6 (17%) don’t replace their bike (Bike theft – impact on cycling). The first thing to do is report it to the police by calling 101 (or 999 if you see it happening) or fill in the Report a Crime or Incident form and get a crime reference number. When you’ve got a crime report…

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Pot holes and street defects

During the winter months, Bristol’s streets can take a real hammering. What were once small cracks and crevices in the tarmac turn into wheel-busting, possibly bone-busting craters. Any time of year is good for reporting any dangerous road defect and the best place to do this is via Fix My Street. Bristol Council have integrated this national tool into their website with a very useful map overlay so you can see what others have reported. The council will also update actions so you can also track what’s been done. Cycling UK also have …

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How to Wear a Helmet Properly

1. Put it on your head flat, so it will also protect your face
2. Tighten it at the back so it won’t move.
3. Adjust the two straps to position the sliders just below your ears.
4. Adjust the length of the strap so that when it’s done up you can only get two fingers between it and your chin.

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On-Street Bike Pumps

You may have seen these weird looking objects around Bristol and wondered what they are for, but the ‘Bikes’ sign next to them is a clue… These on-street cycle pumps are available 24/7 – so no excuse for flat tyres now or having to walk your bike home. A real bit of positive cycle promotion from Bristol City Council.

More info on Better By Bike.

Locations of the pumps – hover over or click on the flags to reveal the address:

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Other websites & links

Cyclenation The federation of cycle campaign groups in the UK Cycling UK  The leading UK cycling organisation, formally CTC Sustrans  Charity working to make it easier to walk and cycle. Head office is in Bristol British Cycling  Sports cycling body but has an interest in campaigning Cycling Embassy of Great Britain  Activists for cycling infrastructure Beyond the Kerb Trying to make sense of where the wheeled things live The Guardian Bike Blog As the title says Rachel Aldred Set up this site to bring together her various…

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