Making Bristol better for cycling

Government consulting on driving injustices

Organisations representing victims, cyclists and walkers, and sustainable transport organisations have written welcoming the setting up of the review but have said that they “were disappointed to learn that the role of driving bans is not to be a key issue” and “we are concerned that the consultation will miss a key chance to make our roads safer.”

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Police start a ‘Give Space, Be Safe’ initiative to tackle near misses

Avon & Somerset Police officers went to a seminar last week by West Midlands police on their award winning ‘Give Space, Be Safe’ initiative (Best Practice Education and Enforcement in the West Midlands). Since the initiative began last September in West Midlands it is credited with halving the number of incidents of ‘close passing’ reported by cyclists in Birmingham. We’re very pleased to hear that the scheme is coming to our area (Undercover police WILL target Bristol drivers who pass cyclists too close). Near misses are the main issue identified as stopping people (particularly women, children and…

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Look out for yourself – because motorists often won’t

Motorists often don’t look out for cyclists and pedestrians. And research has revealed that millions of motorists suffer with eyesight below the legal standard. So it is to be welcomed that Avon & Somerset Police have published advice this winter to encourage cyclists to make sure they can be seen in the dark.

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Police and Crime Commissioner Election 2016 – who should get your vote?

Reading the manifestos of the candidates for the position of Police and Crime Commissioner, it can be difficult to distinguish between them. All candidates want to reduce crime, build better links with communities and support victims. We’ve picked out some of the key issues which might interest cyclists and help you weigh up who to vote for. We’re also considering their responses to our PCC Space for Cycling Manifesto where we set out the key questions they need to answer about cycling. Remember that Cycling UK (used to be CTC) is plugging away nationally on the issue…

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Police Near-Miss Reporting Figures to April 2016 Released

Action to tackle near-misses is being seen as an increasingly important part of a strategy to reduce road danger. The aim is not only to reduce the rate of injury of cyclists by motorists but also to improve cyclists’ experience of the road and encourage less risk-tolerant travellers to “bike it”. Dr Rachel Aldred of the University of East London, who has led the way with her pioneering studies of the issue, recently addressed the Bristol Cycle Forum on the Near Miss Project. She pointed out that cycling was a relatively safe form of transport with riders typically experiencing…

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