Cycling news from Bristol and beyond

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections 2021 – Cleo Lake, Green Party

1. In Bristol in 2019 A & S Police recorded 318 incidents of injury to cyclists arising from collisions with motor vehicles. What initiatives would you like to see pursued by the police to reduce this number?  That is a significant number of collisions and I would like to see initiatives implemented to get that number down. I think it is even more important to do more to prioritise cycling and pedestrians as we edge out of COVID, await a return to a fuller bus service and take…

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Police and Crime Commissioner Elections 2021 – Heather Shearer, Liberal Democrat Party

1. In Bristol in 2019 A & S Police recorded 318 incidents of injury to cyclists arising from collisions with motor vehicles. What initiatives would you like to see pursued by the police to reduce this number? I would like to see A&SC running more schemes like the West Midlands’ Close Pass undercover cyclist scheme so that bad drivers are identified and instantly receive education on the consequences of their driving and how to improve it. I would also want to invest in the Roads Policing team so that there are more resources…

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Police and Crime Commissioner Elections 2021 – Mark Shelford, Conservative Party

Statement by Mark Shelford, Conservative PCC candidate, in response to our questions. “It is difficult for me to answer your questions.  As you know the Chief Constable has, rightly,  complete independent Operational Control.  All of the questions you asked fall into the Operational realm. My role is to set the strategy via the Police and Crime Plan- this in turn must reflect what the residents require for their policing priorities and rest assured my manifesto contains a section on dangerous driving.  I have signed up to Vision Zero and attended…

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Police and Crime Commissioner Elections 2021 – John Smith, Independent candidate

1. In Bristol in 2019 A & S Police recorded 318 incidents of injury to cyclists arising from collisions with motor vehicles. What initiatives would you like to see pursued by the police to reduce this number? That is a shockingly high number of injuries and needs to be reduced. If elected, I have pledged to develop a Road Safety Strategy in consultation with road user groups including Bristol Road Justice to improve road safety. For cyclists, I believe that one of the most effective ways to reduce injury numbers is education of…

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June Rides Announced

This June we’re busy with a three day trip in the beautiful countryside around Birmingham, a series of fascinating evening rides for Bike Week and some gentle off-roading south of the Avon taking in the National Trust property at Tyntesfield. Up-to-date details can be found on our Diary page and printable poster can be downloaded below. BCyC June 2016 A4 poster…

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Riders wanted for annual challenge

The Great Weston Ride (GWR) is an annual challenge ride of 56 miles, this year on Sun 17 July. Starting in Bristol, the ride winds through the lanes of Somerset to the seafront in Weston Super Mare. The event is very well marshalled and effortless to follow, with the route direction being signed or stewarded at all appropriate points. In the five years of its association with the GWR, over £130,000 has been raised for Prostate Cancer UK. It would be great to see an enthusiastic turnout from BCyC regulars for this thoroughly enjoyable, well organised and satisfying ride through some truly scenic countryside. Just sign up online or by post. Details are available via the official website  

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Help plan our Space 4 Cycling campaign for 2016

Your chance to help make a difference to cycling in Bristol – find out how, bring ideas and enthusiasm to the ideas and planning meeting for Space 4 Cycling Bristol campaign 2016 –– Boston Tea Party Park Rd, upstairs, Mon 7 Dec, 5.30pm Fed up with: Cycle lanes that just stop, vehicles parked in cycle lanes, Having only 1 mile of dedicated cycle lane (compared to nearly 600 miles of road in Bristol city), No dedicated space for cyclists on ‘shared ‘paths e.g. centre of city, getting to Temple meads Trying to find somewhere to park your bike Do you: Want your kids to be able to cycle safely on the roads? Want to be able to ride safely to get to mountain bike tracks? If you want any of these then here is your chance to help make change.

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New local book “Cycling the Severn to the Thames”

We were interested to be sent details of a new book by Chippenham based Robin Summerhill. He produces books on long distance cycling and walking around the country but broken down into easy manageable sections of about 5 miles each way. Routes are mainly on former railway routes and canal towpaths. The books also have a strong flavour of local transport history about them “Cycling The Severn to The Thames” looks at the cycling and walking opportunities between the M48 Old Severn Bridge and central London. The first part of the route between Aust and Bath follows the river bank…

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Proposed new routes discussed at Nov’15 Bristol Cycle Forum

At the Bristol Cycle Forum on 19th November there was news of two big and important topics. Firstly, finally, there seems to be some movement on opening up The Downs for more walking and cycling. Secondly, James Coleman of Bristol City Council took us through proposals spending the next round of Cycling City Ambition Fund (CCAF2). This is the main source of government funding for the next couple of years. It is now proposed to be spent on:

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Bike Life – Taking the pulse of bike life in Bristol

The Bike Life 2015 Report for Bristol is out (Bike-Life-Bristol-2015). Inspired by the Copenhagen Bicycle Account, this is an assessment of cycling development including cycling conditions, new initiatives and satisfaction with various aspects of cycling.

Overall this is an interesting and useful report which will be of great value in making the case for cycling improvements. It’s no surprise that the lack of safe and comfortable cycle routes is the main thing that stops more people riding. When asked what measures will help them cycle more, people say they want real Space for Cycling – protected lanes and traffic-free routes. It appears they weren’t asked about 20mph and slower speeds but we know these are very popular and already cover 80% of Bristol streets.

Bristol people also have a very positive view of cycling with nearly three quarters already thinking positively about people riding bikes. There is a big mandate for change across the city. The survey of 1,100 also confirmed strong support for more investment (70%).

We are particularly pleased to see that it’s now been calculated how much cycling is worth to Bristol. For every mile cycled instead of driven there’s a benefit of 62p in savings to the individual and local economy (wipe that annoying smug look off your face, just feel it inside). This works out at over £26 million every year at current levels of cycling. Then there’s a further £28.5 of benefits to health in the city, every year.

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