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Can we make cycling boring?

by Dulce Pedroso. Like many of us, Bristol Cycling member Dulce Pedroso envisions a version of Bristol where cycling is everywhere. So prevalent, in fact, that talking about cycling as a mode of transport becomes so commonplace that it’s (almost) boring. A city where everyone and their grandma cycles and no one calls you ‘brave’ for cycling the morning commute. In her quest to help make that happen, Dulce is running for election onto Cycling UK’s Board of Trustees. Here is her story in her own words… I cycled as a child and a teenager…

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Cycling with video cameras – a cyclist’s perspective: Part 3 Kit!

This is part three in our three-part series on cycling with video cameras. Catch up on part 1 at Reporting and part 2 at How to report and what happens next. What cameras are out there, how do they attach to the bike, how expensive is it to have one? When it comes to action cameras suitable for cycling, there’s a huge choice available. A serviceable camera can cost from £50-£500 or more. Factors to consider include: Battery life – how long is…

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Cycling with video cameras – a cyclist’s perspective: Part 2 How to report and what happens next

How do I report bad driving? Avon & Somerset Police (ASP) developed an online reporting page for ‘incidents on the road’ a little while ago: Reports must be made within seven days of the incident. This is because the Police only have 14 days to send out a Notice of Intended Prosecution, requiring the registered keeper of the vehicle to identify the driver. Download the footage from your camera onto your PC or, if your camera supports WiFi and you have an app from the camera manufacturer, onto your phone. It is very useful to…

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Cycling with video cameras – a cyclist’s perspective: Part 1 Reporting

BCyC member James Taylor writes: I’d like to acknowledge and thank Damien Devanny (Continuous Improvement Officer for Road Safety), Avon & Somerset Police (ASP) and others at ASP’s Road Safety Unit for their assistance and encouragement with this article. WHY BOTHER? I’m often asked about this aspect of cycling, so I thought it might be useful to get some words down about it. Having cameras on my bike has enabled me to report over 230 drivers to the police since November 2018, 225 of which were contacted by the police with a warning, fixed penalty/offer of an education course, or…

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Continental Case Study #1: Europe’s 12th busiest high street, Mariahilfer Strasse, Vienna

In the first of our series of case studies looking at how cycling infrastructure has developed on the continent, we focus on how responses to planned pedestrianisation and low traffic neighbourhoods in Vienna in 2014 mirror those we’re seeing currently in Bristol. Let’s not beat around the bush, our continental neighbours by and large do cycling and walking infrastructure much better than us. Yet for some reason we ignore them and try to reinvent the wheel. Despite regularly being voted one of the most livable cities in the World, Vienna grapples with similar issues to Bristol: People have grown used…

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Why do a few cars get half the space on Prince St Bridge?

In 2017 Prince Street Bridge was reopened after major repairs. This was shortly followed by a separated cycle path on Prince Street connecting Broad Quay and Cumberland Road. We have looked at the usage figures from the most recent count by Bristol City Council, which took place in July 2019. Our handy infographic shows the huge change that is possible with quality infrastructure. Numbers of people walking and cycling have doubled, while car use has tumbled. In fact ten times as many people now walk and cycle over the bridge as use cars. However those 10% in cars get…

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Bike Life Bristol 2019 report finds safety is the single largest barrier to more people cycling

In case you needed any convincing of the scale of both the challenge and opportunity for cycling in Bristol, Sustrans have released their excellent Bike Life report for 2019. This follows on from the 2017 and 2015 reports and highlights many of the barriers to cycling in Bristol but also some of the huge opportunities and potential in the city: 350,000 people live within a 25 minute cycle of ‘The Galleries’ 73% of people think space should be increased for people socialising, walking and cycling on their local high street 28% of residents cycle at least once a week. 23% don’t cycle…

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A Modest Proposal #8: Jamaica St cycleway

Every cyclist in Bristol will have their own strategy for coping with the James Barton roundabout, one of the worst in Bristol and the subject of our Modest Proposal #5: The Bear Pit / St James Barton Roundabout. Particularly as the Gloucester Road is one of the busiest cycling routes in the city, with its own  Modest Proposal #6; Eight to Eighty cycling on Gloucester Road. Most of us make use of Jamaica Street, but it can’t be called pleasant. It also boast some of the oldest and most idiosycratic ‘cycling facilities’ in Bristol. How about this ‘Modest Proposal’…

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Bristol Cycling Infographics

Here at Bristol Cycling, we love an infographic. Recently we have had a lot of emails from people asking if they can use the infographics we have produced. The short answer is an overwhelming YES! The only reason we put these together is so they will be shared. We don’t make any money from advertising, clicks or copyright, our primary purpose is to make Bristol better for cycling. We want our messages to be spread far and wide.

In order to facilitate this we thought it would be useful to provide a summary of some of the infographic work we have produced over recent years. PLEASE share/print/publish far as far and wide as you can. You can see them all here.

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