What is your experience of submitting camera footage to Avon & Somerset Police?

Our campaigners from Bristol Road Justice (BRJ) again met Avon and Somerset Police (A&SP) to discuss road policing. We continue to be concerned at the lack of meaningful feedback to those cyclists reporting dangerous driving via webcams. There is currently a national police working party looking at drawing up best practice guidelines for processing such reporting. A&SP are awaiting…

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Watch Our Latest Webinar – Tackling Dangerous Driving

The third Bristol Cycling webinar on 8th October discussed the scale of the issue both nationally and locally and what can be done to reduce the danger on our roads. Road Justice has been a significant part of our campaigning for many years and is a key part of making cycling safe and comfortable for everyone. The following speakers…

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Stop killing our children

While our streets look like something from the 1950s in the midst of coronavirus lockdown, we need to rethink what ‘normal’ looks like. Stop Killing our Children is a documentary crowdfunded and produced by our friends at ETA Trust (ethical insurance with strong cycle offering). It is a review of where the Dutch are fifty years after their transformative campaign…

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What happens when you send your close pass video to police

The Road Justice work of BCyC is primarily about holding ASP to account to provide reasonable responses to cyclists who take the time to submit dashcam evidence of dangerous driving and near misses. Telling people the outcome of their camera submissions encourages cyclists to provide the information, they feel the trouble is worthwhile if something is done about the…

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Close Passes and Camera Submissions

Avon & Somerset Police close pass mat used in #OpClosePass

At the July Cycle Forum Bristol, Damien Devanny, from Avon and Somerset’s Road Safety Department, talked about their work on reports of motorists close passing cyclists and how the police deal with camera submissions. The close passes, reported using Avon and Somerset Police’s online form, are added to their database of problem locations but this does not lead to…

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Safety – or “feel good” safety?

irrational consequences of yellow vests

We enjoy it when members pen their thoughts, observations and evidence about cycling in Bristol. (If you’d like to contribute something, please do contact us.) But occasionally something comes along from “outside” which we really want to share. Here is a remarkably well thought-through article from a woman – Marjut Ollitervo – from Finland. It challenges us to think…

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