Clarence Road “Dutch-style” Cycleway – update

Many of you may be wondering what on earth is going on with the much trumpeted Clarence Road “Dutch-style” cycleway. The last we heard it was due for completion at the end of August, but anyone passing by will have noticed the Water Works and the River Avon wall subsidence. These have resulted in significant delays to the scheme.

As of Monday morning, the plan was that the Water Works would finish and installation of the “Toby’s” separating the cycleway from the roadway up to Langton Street Bridge would start on 13 October and then from the wall excavation site to Bedminster Bridge.

The wall excavation is still live and the wall stabilisation works are unlikely to be finished before February.  Once they have finished the remaining bollards will be installed.  So by March we should have the Clarence Road scheme finished.

By that time other works in the area (the second Langton Street Bridge, some kind of cycle crossing of Bedminster Bridge, shared use cyleway on Commercial Road, etc) should be underway – or even complete! See our article on the Avon Promenades for the overall vision.

Bristol Post article “53 tonnes of stone being used to stabilise River Avon walls in Bristol after high tides”