Community Speedwatch in Bedminster

A group of Bristol Cycling Campaign members has been active in the BS3 area Community SpeedWatch group. Here’s a table showing overall findings so far.

Obviously early days but this shows that the majority of drivers are complying at least on most routes (and these are the sites assessed by the police as being worth monitoring). Numerically the number of speeders is still high though. Very few are going over the 30 threshold (about 12 out of 500 vehicles monitored), and we doubt if this would have been the case prior to 20mph being introduced.

We will update this as we get more results but early conclusions are that 20mph is having an effect. (In case you don’t know, police count ‘speeders’ as people doing 20 plus 10% plus 2=24mph).

So far over 1100 vehicles have been speed checked at 5 locations over 4.5 hours, with 20% speeding. It’s clear that the time of day is a big factor, and that some locations have more of a problem that others (we’re looking at you, Duckmoor Road).

Bedminster Community Speed Watch Results      
Proportion of ‘speeders’ (number of speeders/no of vehicles counted)      
DateTimeDurationLocationTotal VehiclesSpeeding%
13/08/1411:0030Greenway Bush Lane711318%
04/11/1408:3038Greenway Bush Lane134118%
28/08/1417:1025Bedminster Parade1653018%
03/12/1408:3530Bedminster Parade1081211%
08/09/1408:3525Raleigh Road inbound3339%
08/09/1409:0020Raleigh Road outbound381129%
11/11/1409:2015Duckmoor Road452453%
27/11/1408:3826Duckmoor Road1783821%
20/11/1408:3827North Street1593824%
09/12/1409:1030North Street173159%