Conham Road Gap planning application

A planning application has been submitted by John Grimshaw with the backing of the local councils for a really imaginative solution to this highly problematic gap. We are warmly in support of this and are keen to see it given planning permission. Of course that then leaves the problem of securing funding but it will rank high on any list of schemes due to the many benefits.

The application is here 15/00645/FB at Our overall position on this consultation is: SUPPORT.  Our full response is here BristolCyclingCampaignresponsetoconsultationonConhamRoadGap

We would invite you to support this application. Numbers count! You need to fill in a short form that will take a few well spent minutes. We’ve done the work, you just need to tick the ‘Support’ button and paste in this sentence “I support this application and the comments made by the Bristol Cycling Campaign.” Add your own comments if you like. 

If you live or pass through the area an email to local councillors is also really helpful so click here (you can edit before sending).

We assess the proposal against five criteria (and we rarely see five greens).

Space for Cycling

Does this measure advance the six themes of 1) Protected space on main roads; 2) Remove through motor traffic; 3) Safe routes to school; 4) Cycle friendly town centres; 5) Cycle routes in green spaces; 6) 20mph speed limits?

Green – overall benefit

Road Danger Reduction

Does this measure seek a genuine reduction in danger for all road users by identifying and controlling the principal sources of threat?

Green – overall benefit

Triple A Quality (All Ages and Abilities)

Will this measure be attractive to all ages and abilities using all kinds of cycles?

Green – overall benefit

Strategic Cycling Network

How does this measure contribute to the development of Bristol Council’s planned integrated and coherent strategic cycle network?

Green – overall benefit

Cycle- proofing

How far does this measure provide for Triple A Space for Cycling in the future?

Green – overall benefit

Bristol Cycling Campaign has the following specific comments on this consultation:

  1. This scheme is a very well worked out and creative solution to what has proved to be a most intractable and problematic gap on this important route. The current situation is intolerably dangerous and unpleasant for those walking and cycling. It is a significant deterrent to those who might consider cycling more on what is otherwise a very pleasant and useful route into town.

  2. The route is part of the Q10 Promenade route of the Bristol Strategic Cycle Network.

  3. There was a reasonable solution proposed by Bristol Council in 2014 that was rejected. We believe this scheme addresses the issues raised.

  4. The proposed scheme will be of great benefit to those walking and in particular those with children and using mobility aids.

Do take a moment to support this application.