Consultation response to construction of 185 homes at Bonnington Walk

We’ve put in a response to the proposal to build 185 homes at Bennington Walk in Lockleaze, next to the Concorde Way cycle route to north Bristol.

You can read the PDF version here 2020-07 Bonnington Walk consultation response, or the text below.

Response to Consultation

Construction of 185 homes, Bonnington Walk

REF: 20/02523/FB 

8th July 2020

Bristol Cycling Campaign objects to this application on the grounds that the development does not adequately provision for the Concorde Way cycle route.

The Concorde Way route, running from Bristol City Centre to Cribbs Causeway, is already a well used route by walkers and cyclists. It is a mixed route consisting of off-road tracks of varying quality and on-road sections. The route is identified as a priority for upgrading in the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan, with improvements including widening, separation of walkers and cyclists, lighting and the creation of new off road sections to replace on road sections. These upgrades will bring a significant increase in use. In addition, the introduction of e-scooters is likely to put further pressure on cycling infrastructure.

The development proposals for Bonnington Walk do not go far enough to provision the adequate upgrades on this section of the route. Although detailed designs for the cycleway are not provided, we make our comments based on the available information. Our main concerns are:

  • Northern section – separation between walkers and cyclists. We welcome the provision of a wide section with 3m for cyclists and 2m for walkers. Our concern is that the separator between these two modes will not be adequate. We recommend at minimum a 0.3m grass or planted strip between the two paths so it is clear for all users.
  • Southern section – width. We are disappointed that no upgrade is proposed to the southern section of the cycle route. The proposed seating will effectively narrow the usable width. This section should be upgraded to the same 3m + 2m standard as the northern section. If there are width constraints, the cycleway could be routed behind the allotments and orchard, alongside the railway line.
  • Bonnington Walk crossing – alignment. The crossing at Bonnington Walk is a difficult and dangerous section of the Concorde Way route. We understand a parallel crossing is due to be provisioned here. The cycleway should align with this crossing point. The current proposal of a 3m width shared path section is not suitable for an area which will have conflicting cyclist and pedestrian movements.
  • Bonnington Walk – connection to Landseer Avenue. Many cyclists leave the Concorde Way at this point to head east towards UWE. Provision of a separated cycle track along the short section of Bonnington Walk between the Concorde Way and Landseer Avenue would vastly improve safety for cyclists heading in this direction.
  • Constable Road crossing. No treatment is proposed for the crossing of Constable Road and access to the next section of the cycle route on Dovercourt Road. This area should be treated as per comments from BCC Strategic City Transport in the pre-application consultation.

We would appreciate being consulted again when detailed designs for the cycle route are available.