Consultation Storm! Arena, South Glos Cycle Strategy, Windmill Hill, Airport Rd, Joint Spatial Plan,

Brace yourselves!  A absolute blizzard of major consultations is here.

This is a big shout out for your help!

If you have views to share, or want to be part of the discussions, you need to get stuck in right now.

Here’s the plan:

  1. You help tell everyone what’s going on and ask them to comment

  2. We put comment together into a pithy response, using our famous Red/Amber/Green rating

  3. We publish the response with a call out to our thousands of supporters to send responses supporting us 


 Closing date

Get involved 


South Gloucestershire Cycling Strategy consultation


Chip in!

Good to see much of our Manifesto in here, but will it help make cycling matter in South Glos?

Joint Spatial Plan: Issues and Options and Joint Transport Study


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85,000 new homes. Possible biggest issue of all for cycling. 

Deterring through traffic in Windmill Hill


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One of the six Space for Cycling themes

Airport Road Shared Use Pavement (BS14)


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Is this really Space for Cycling?

Birchwood Road crossings (BS4) more cycle pinch points


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Another proposal to pinch bikes?

We’re always looking for people to be part of our Infrastructure Forum. Get in touch if you want a chat to find out how it works.