Council QA Process – Highways

14 Nov 2013 We, acting on behalf of Bristol Cycle Forum, had our first meeting with Officers from Bristol City Council to review several proposed schemes identified as having cycling impact. It was a productive meeting with good input all round, both on the detail and strategic aspects of the specific schemes and the overall context of highways schemse in Bristol.

We were particularly fortunate in having Terry Bullock, the Highways and Traffic Manager, and his 3 Area Managers in attendance as well as John Richfield, the Cycling Policy Officer, Nick Pates (project managing the LSTF cycling projects) and the engineer responsible for one of the schemes under discussion.

Schemes discussed:


Ashley Hill Pedestrian Improvement and Traffic Calming Measures – consultation running till 5 December
Speedwell Road- safety schemes/ crossing – consultation completed
Glenfrome School – safety scheme

We will do a fuller update and share information on the scehemes as and when available as part of our feedback to the Bristol Cycle Forum.