COVID-19 Temporary Measures Southville and Bedminster

As we emerge from the Covid-19 lockdown, we’ve been in detailed discussion with local councillors in a number of areas of the city about what can be done quickly to enable walking and cycling. Here’s our proposals from 17th May for Southville and Bedminster (Southville & Bedminster Temporary Covid Measures). We’re pleased to see some of them underway.

We’ve got a map where you can Suggest a change for your area, or support existing ideas. Make sure you let your councillors know you want change using Useful Information for Neighbourhood Campaigns.

This document provides a short list of measures that can be implemented in the Southville and Bedminster area to enable social distancing and enable cycling and walking as alternatives to private motor vehicles and public transport. These measures are a series of key ‘asks’ that can be implemented quickly and easily and we will propose more comprehensive solutions as the situation develops.  Bristol Cycling Campaign are also working to assist Bristol City Council in developing city wide measures.

These are a series of small scale interventions that could enable social distancing in key areas along North Street, and a series of road space reallocations and closures that can help enable safe cycling routes from Southville and Bedminster into the city centre for commuters.

Most shops and businesses have introduced social distancing measures which reduce the number of people in the premises or limit access into the premises entirely. This has led to queues forming on the footway outside the premises and this, in addition to people travelling along North Street has made maintaining social distance difficult in many busy areas.

The Department of Transport has encouraged local authorities to bring forward existing plans to address the issues raised above and all the proposals in this document are consistent with the recent WECA Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP).

The proposals cover:

  1. North Street Shops (West)
  2. North Street (Greville Road to South Street)
  3. North Street Shops (East)
  4. Dean Lane / Gaol Ferry Bridge
  5. Bedminster Bridge
  6. Prince Street Bridge