Cycle Festival 2015 roundup

The second week of June saw another packed week of events for the Bristol Cycle Festival – the celebration of all things cycling back for a successful 6th year. Highlights included a series of Discover Bristol rides led by members of the Cycling Campaign, attracting an average of 20 people – the ever-popular Banksy Ride being somewhat over subscribed with 45 riders.

The main part of the Festival was rounded off in traditional fashion on Sunday with the Carnivelo ride, this year with a green twist: Naturevelo, coinciding as it did with Big Green Week and the Festival of Nature. Taking advantage of the Portway Sunday Park, riders of all ages with bicycles adorned with flowers, bees and butterflies enjoyed a spectacular traffic-free ride under the Suspension Bridge and out to the Bennett’s Patch and White’s Paddock nature reserve alongside the Portway. Over tea and cake, a series of prizes were awarded for the best costumes











and bike decorations, including medals for the Campaign’s own Ronnie, William and Martin in striking floral head dresses – a proud moment!

It’s not over yet. There are still more Festival events to come – check the programme for details :