Update 02/21: Cycle hangers, Liveable Neighbourhoods, elections

Campaigning and discussion about Liveable Neighbourhoods is happening across the city, mainly through the network of local Facebook groups. As well as discussion about specific streets there are some great ideas such as love heart messages about your neighbourhood. You can find out about the one covering your area from the website liveablebristol.org.uk.

All BCyC supporters are encouraged to get involved as this is one of the most promising initiatives for enabling cycling. A good point to start, or share, will be the Liveable Neighbourhoods Supporters Meetings on Weds 3rd March at 7pm, and/or Fri 5th March at 1pm

There continues be a lot of interest locally and nationally in the LN idea (or Low Traffic Neighbourhoods as they’re sometimes called). For example Covid bike and walking schemes do not delay ambulances and cross party support from councillors for liveable neighbourhoods to help stop rat-runs and parking problems in relation to the proposed Clean Air Zone.

On a related issue, BCyC member Julie has been reviewing the council’s dormant bike hangar policy to ensure that future funding is both sufficient and effective. This work includes looking at the current process for allocating hangars and costs to residents in areas where there are hundreds installed, compared to the mere handful in Bristol. A report has been sent in to BCC Transport lead Kye Dudd and will be published shortly. We’d love to hear your experiences if you have access to one, if you been waiting, or if you’re interesting in making something happen so do contact us.

We are currently working on our 2021 cycling manifesto ‘asks’ for the Bristol and WECA Mayoral elections planned for May. This will be a pivotal moment in the future of active travel in the West of England; will we be seeing cycling truly treated as a genuine mode of transport by our respective Mayors? How can we turn cycling into a vote winner?

You can find out what’s going on by joining one of the regular Zoom meetings, or get involved as a member of BCyC in a campaigning group through Slack.