Cycling on the Downs – ‘a once in a generation change’?

At the Bristol Cycle Forum on 19th Nov we heard about proposals for finally starting to open up the Downs for better access by people walking and cycling. At the moment due to the dominance of cars there is limited space and inadequate provision for the growing numbers wishing to travel to and use the downs by walking and cycling.

Vicki Cracknell (of Cycle Sunday fame) spoke to urgently ask that we comment on on the Place and Movement Framework for the Downs (10.6MB PDF! Full of pictures and ideas but takes a while to download). This is being presented at the AGM of the Downs Committee for ‘consideration’ although detailed proposals are a way off yet.


Written statements had to be in via Democratic Services by Friday 20 Novemenber. However verbal statements can be made on Monday 23 November at a meeting in Brunel House at 2pm with the Downs Committee.

Option C sounds OK as it allows for greater provision for cycling – especially as a safe place for children to cycle. However ‘Maintaining existing on-road parking levels’ is hopelessly unambitious, especially given our recent findings about the dangers of ‘dooring’

This is an opportunity for change that would be “generational”.

Also discussed at the Cycle Forum were proposals for spending on routes and cycling infrastructure over the next few years.