CyclingWorks Bristol campaign launches

CyclingWorks Bristol is a new campaign to bring together employers across our region to voice their support for infrastructure to enable safer commuting by bike. It is based on a successful model used in London, that was influential in the delivery of its first cycling superhighway.

Can you help to get your employer to support this campaign? Visit the website to find out more:

We suggest that you share this website with your sustainability lead or operations director in the first instance to start the conversation within your organisation.

Business opinion does influence the decisions and priorities of local government so please help!

These are the CyclingWorks Bristol goals:

CyclingWorks Bristol is seeking the endorsement of Bristol businesses for improved cycle commuting infrastructure to help accelerate the delivery of aspects of the adopted plan, that can benefit staff commuting by bike. Specifically, as a short term priority:

  • The provision of two direct, continuous protected bike corridors in Bristol. Phase 1: East to West & North to South (see details below)
  • The provision of secure overnight cycle storage, e-charging and rental at each of Bristol’s current Park & Ride locations, together with Lyde Green Park & Ride and at Parkway Station.
  • The provision of significant extra secure cycle parking spaces across the city centre.

East to West*

Extending from Brislington Park & Ride → City → Avonmouth/Severnside. Based on the adopted plan cycling routes: Bristol 1 (Variant) and an upgrade/extension of the Portway cycleway.

North to South*

Extending from Aztec West → City → Hartcliffe. Based on the adopted plan cycling routes: Bristol & S. Glos. 1 and Bristol 5.