Decision time for Crew Hole / Beaufort Road

We have submitted a statement in support of Bristol Council proposals for this truly awful stretch of road Statement to St Georges NP 9Dec2013.

There is a meeting of the St Georges Neighbourhood Partnership on Tuesday 10th Dec 2013 at which councillors will consider the options.


There has been a strong campaign against the proposals by some local residents with strong views expressed. A Bristol Cycle Campaign member who attended a previous meeting felt it was simply not possible to express views in support of the scheme. They were also concerned that the councillors would be so intimidated that they would be unable to evaluate the proposal on its merits.

We are strongly of the view that the proposals will have very wide benefits through the area. They will open up a lovely level route all the way in from Keynsham to the the centre. This is the Q10 Promenade route on our Strategic Cycling Network.

UPDATE: The proposals for Beaufort Road were accepted but the much more significant ones for Crews Hole / Conham Road were rejected by the SGNP on 10th December (link). However, we note that revised plans are in the pipeline, in line with our statement about the strategic importance of this route, and the likely funding sources.

“It should be noted, that whilst the one way proposals for Conham Road and Crews Hole Road are not being progressed at this time, these proposals have not been scrapped altogether as requested. This road forms part of a wider network of routes associated with the Enterprise Zone and a recreational route in Bristol that require improvements. Bristol City Council are now considering all possible options for this section of road. Any feasible options, along with the deferred existing one way proposal, will be presented to the Neighbourhood Partnership Traffic & Transport sub-group for comments in due course. Any revised scheme will not be funded by money under the control of the Neighbourhood Partnership and as such the Partnership will not be making the final decision.” (link)