Don’t Blow it Bristol!


We’re at risk of losing Bristol’s new sustainable infrastructure of expanded pavements, cycle lanes and other road changes was brought in to help in the fight against Covid-19.

The new infrastructure has given a boost to vulnerable groups allowing people to socially distance, get cleaner air and feel safer when they are out and about. But lobby groups who want cars to dominate our city are pushing councillors to reverse these decisions. Pressure from such groups has already had an effect in other parts of the country, we can’t let this happen in Bristol. 

#DontBlowItBristol is a combined campaign with other interested groups from across Bristol to let those in power know that we want to keep these changes. You’ll be seeing posters going up around the city shortly, but we also need your help!

So how can you help? 

We’ve gathered all the information and links together in one handy place so you can decide how you want to help. Look out for and share #DontBlowItBristol to find more ways letting our politicians know. 

You can decide from the below list how you want to get involved. If you‘ve already done one of them, then why not choose another – we can’t tell them often enough!

  1. Email your Councillor – The easiest and most important one. Find your councillor at and tell them which pieces of infrastructure you like and how they’ve helped your life.
  2. Respond to a consultation – Bristol Council is asking us what we think, so let’s show our support, but be quick as some will close soon!
    Bristol Bridge Consultation – The key measure removing through traffic from the Living Heart of Bristol.
    Bristol Covid 19 Transport request – Find streets that matter to you and show your support to comments by clicking the ‘heart’ button, or you can add your own comments. 
    Clean air zone consultation – Our CAZ response and infographic from 2019 still apply.
  3. Sign a petition – These are the three main petitions we need to add our names to. 
    Petition – Keep Bristol Bridge Closed
    Bristol wide – Liveable Neighbourhoods
    St Mark’s Road – Liveable Neighbourhood

And once you’ve done all that go and tell your friends to do the same.

Here’s a list of the streets with new infrastructure. If you’re like more detail you can find it here.

  • Bristol Bridge and Baldwin Street
  • Upper Maudlin Street, Marlborough Street and Park Row
  • Lewins Mead
  • Princess Victoria Street
  • Westbury Village
  • North Street
  • Clifton Triangle
  • King Street
  • Counterslip
  • Mina Road