Making Bristol better for cycling

Falfield – Whitfield A38/B4061 – Casualty Reduction Scheme (Deadline passed 30 Jan 2015)

South Glos. have allocated funding for a casualty reduction scheme at the junction of the A38/B4061, Whitfield. “The purpose of the scheme is to reduce the potential for and seriousness of accidents [sic] in this location & improve conditions for cyclists.”

Some thoughts from our Infrastructure Group:

Casualties – 3 slight injuries since 2005 on the Cycle Streets database. One cyclist, one car passenger and one motorcyclist. Presumably there is a bit of local cycle traffic crossing the A38.

The hashed road markings are in the wrong place. Should create a buffer zone between the cycle lane and the road (increase actual and subjective safety). Having motor traffic lanes close to each other will reduce speeds:

The cycle lanes are narrow at 1.4m. 

When it narrows the road is about 10m wide. This means there is room for wide 2m cycle lanes, e.g. The ones on the plan appear to measure 1.4m – too narrow even by the low Government standards