Falfield – Whitfield A38/B4061 – Casualty Reduction Scheme

https://consultations.southglos.gov.uk/consult.ti/A38WhitfieldCRS/consultationHome (Deadline passed 30 Jan 2015)

South Glos. have allocated funding for a casualty reduction scheme at the junction of the A38/B4061, Whitfield. “The purpose of the scheme is to reduce the potential for and seriousness of accidents [sic] in this location & improve conditions for cyclists.”

Some thoughts from our Infrastructure Group:

Casualties – 3 slight injuries since 2005 on the Cycle Streets database. One cyclist, one car passenger and one motorcyclist. Presumably there is a bit of local cycle traffic crossing the A38.

The hashed road markings are in the wrong place. Should create a buffer zone between the cycle lane and the road (increase actual and subjective safety). Having motor traffic lanes close to each other will reduce speeds: http://www.streetmix.net/-/192761.

The cycle lanes are narrow at 1.4m. 

When it narrows the road is about 10m wide. This means there is room for wide 2m cycle lanes, e.g. http://www.streetmix.net/-/192752. The ones on the plan appear to measure 1.4m – too narrow even by the low Government standards http://www.camcycle.org.uk/resources/cyclelanewidths.