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Here are a selection of articles that are particularly worth noting. These are in random order here, so just dip in.

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  • Cycling with video cameras - a cyclist's perspective: Part 2 How to report and what happens next +

    How do I report bad driving? Avon & Somerset Police (ASP) developed an online reporting page for 'incidents on the road' a little while ago: Reports must be made within seven days of the incident. This is because the Police only have 14 days to send out a Notice of Intended Prosecution, requiring the registered keeper of the vehicle to identify the driver. Download the footage from your camera onto your PC or, if Read More
  • A Health and Safety Perspective of Cycling Safety +

    When thinking about reducing risk on our roads and Road Danger Reduction, it's helpful to draw from the experience of engineering and construction. These used to be highly dangerous occupations but years of steady focus on eliminating risk have established a culture that tolerates zero casualties. What might we learn if we were to take a 'Vision Zero' approach to danger on our roads? An interesting blog by Alistair Marshall A Health and Safety Perspective Read More
  • Top Tube map launched +

    As part of the Freedom to Ride: Bristol Cycling Manifesto we have produced a dramatic graphic to show how our strategic cycling network will reach into every area of Bristol. It will allow truly connected and comfortable movement around the city by bike. We are working hard to get the councils in the area to commit to delivering this over the next 12 years. You can see details of the proposed routes here   Read More
  • A Modest Proposal #2: Bristol Promenades Routes +

    We've been given agreement to share with you some plans that we have been helping with for Promenade Routes in Bristol. These are a set of proposals by John Grimshaw to enhance all of Bristol’s waterside quays, towpaths and walkways to create popular promenades to further promote walking and cycling in the area. Bristol’s riversides and docks have long been a popular place to cycle because they are attractive, central and flat. This project aims Read More
  • Bike Life Bristol 2019 report finds safety is the single largest barrier to more people cycling +

    In case you needed any convincing of the scale of both the challenge and opportunity for cycling in Bristol, Sustrans have released their excellent Bike Life report for 2019. This follows on from the 2017 and 2015 reports and highlights many of the barriers to cycling in Bristol but also some of the huge opportunities and potential in the city: 350,000 people live within a 25 minute cycle of 'The Galleries' 73% of people think Read More
  • 7 Reasons Einstein would support 20 mph +

    ACTION: Please take a moment to respond to the Bristol 20mph Review Our lives fundamentally rely on energy. It puts food on our table, gets us to and from work, powers our offices and factories. The more we use, the more money it costs us. Our demand for it causes wars, our generation of it emits harmful gases. Almost every issue 20mph raises is energy related and the answer to each, along with many of Read More
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