Freedom to Ride Leafleting


On 28 August seven of our stoic campaigners got up early to do a spot of leafleting at the head of the Bristol & Bath Railway Path. About 350 leaflets were given out to people passing by, mostly cycling but a fair few on foot. At the end of the day it generated 60 more signatures for the petition – so not bad going.

A bit of number crunching has revealed that the vast majority of signatures on the Manifesto petition are from Bristol postcodes, so having reached around 2,300 signatures we’ve gained support from about 0.4% of Bristol’s population. Not very much you might think, but compare this to the national Times campaign which reached just 0.1% of the UK population and we’re not doing badly at all.

Given the Times campaign has lead to the government’s Get Britain Cycling report and subsequent debate in parliament on 2 September, just think what we can achieve locally.

So, we’re doing well, but we still need more signatures in order to show overwhelming support for cycling in Bristol. That way we help enable our city leaders to proceed quickly in making us a true cycling city, confident in the knowledge they have public support. Therefore we need you, please, to keep enthusing about the Manifesto to your friends, family, colleagues and schoolmates*. 

And if you can spare an hour at 8pm on the morning of Wednesday 11 September we’ll be out again somewhere around Temple Meads station. Look out for details on email, Facebook or twitter.

*Young people are very welcome to sign the petition.