Freeways & Quietways Take Shape

We are resurrecting work started in the optimistic age of the Cycling City project to put a stake in the ground on a Strategic Cycling Network for the Bristol area.

The aim is that all new schemes and developments in the area will have to take account of the Strategy and that future cycleway construction is prioritised in terms of how well it fits with the network, amongst other criteria.

Bristol City Council have also resurrected work on this and South Gloucester started at a recent Cycle Forum – we seem to have spurred them into action!

We aim to develop this further working with the relevant councils and getting helpful maps produced to promote the stratgey, advise people on how easy/quick it is to cycle from A to B, give detailed inofrmation on how to get about in local neighbourhoods.

So here‘s our starter for 10 – comments welcome – contributions even more welcome!