Full house at campaigners training day

BCyC secretary Martin McDonnell introduces the training day

BCyC hosted a very successful CTC training day for campaigners across the South West on 16th November.  There was a top team of CTC officers including inspirational Campaigns Director, Roger Geffen, Roads Justice campaigner, Rhia Weston, and Space for Cycling campaigner Robbie Gillett. 

The purpose of the day was to use the examples and practical campaigning tools of the Road Justice and Space for Cycling campaigns to boost cycling provision in the South West. Of course BCyC is leading the way on both these issues and so we were able to share our experience. The final session set out to answer the challenge of ‘what can I, and my group, do now?’

We think this was an extremely useful day and we hope it will be repeated next year. 

Campaign skills workshops included:

  • Gaining press coverage for your campaign
  • Using social media (Facebook and Twitter) in campaigning
  • Running effective campaign groups

Road Justice workshops included:

  • Understanding the Legal Framework
  • Working with the police
  • Following and attending court cases

Space for Cycling workshops included:

  • Protected space and decent junctions
  • Reducing traffic volumes and speeds
  • Understanding and influencing your local authority