Great day to go out for a ride

Wow! My weather forecaster said there would be heavy rain from 9 till 3- so I set out accordingly with full waterproofs – and not a drop of rain did we get! The river in the Avon Gorge was as high as I’ve ever seen it with flooding on Sea Mills Lane and pools beside the road – with opportunist ducks in them already and an eagle-eyed (!) Buzzard or other hunter perched nearby – what a shame that my phone camera decided to play up so I couldn’t capture that image – but someone else on a bike also stopped on the Portway cycleway to take a picture (none of the motorists passing by would have seen any of this!).

We had a great ride around some of the routes that we would like to be included in a Bristol Cycling Network. It’s not going to be easy – we need to take space away from road users (and sometimes pedestrians) where there needs to be a greater priority for cycles based on majority of users – but cycling is so good for Bristol that we need to make this a priority.

Thanks to Gavin for showing us what could be, given the will for Bristol to be up there with the “Most Liveable Cities”.