Have you experienced harassment riding your bike?

We’re pleased to give our support to the campaign from Bristol Zero Tolerance on gender-based street harassment. Many people report feeling unsafe due to threatening behaviour while out on their bikes, particularly (and rather depressingly) women.

BZT and we at BCyC are looking for people to tell their stories to help put forward proposals for the city in terms of making people feel safer in public spaces.

This is a serious issue so please get involved if you can. Here’s what they say:

We have heard from cyclists about their experiences of harassment and wondered if this was something that you are working on in any way or have any information on and also if you could contact your members and supporters to let them know about the campaign and how they can get involved.

Bristol Zero Tolerance want to gather people’s stories and testimonies in the form of videos and written accounts to develop a picture of the problem in the city.

Have you or someone you know experienced street harassment of any kind in the Bristol area? Would you be happy to share your account? Stories don’t have to show your face if you don’t want (and we can even have someone else read them out if you prefer) we just want to hear your experiences from you.

The stories will be used to create a local campaign that represents people’s experience of street harassment in Bristol. It will be presented to relevant groups and services as a starting point to tackling this problem and making our streets safe for all those who have experienced street harassment.

Use our online survey to add information about your experiences and tell your story